Diverse sports and ecological activities

                                        Are accessible(approachable) nearby:

   **** Rent of canoe in season nearby in 1/2 and a day

                        (Club of La Charité sur Loire) in 50 m of the hotel

   **** Cycle track fitted out by the Loire with bike in 200 m of the hotel

             Www.veloenfrance.fr (Premises to tidy up velos)

   **** Hikes:

                             - Path(way) of Santiago de Compostela in 20 m of the hotel

                             - Bit of Bertranges in 10 km of the hotel

    **** Peach(fishing) in the Loire in the line in 20 m of the hotel

                Stays itinerant in canoé on the Loire are possible,

                 Click the link of this travel agency 

                 Http: // www.safrantours.com/fr/voyage-itinerant-canoe-val-d-allier-loire

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Sports and ecological activities